Diabetes And Me – One Woman’s Story

Diabetes is a condition that many of us have heard of; however, it’s one that very few of us understand to the full extent. Essentially, diabetes is a condition wherein a person’s glucose levels are too high, which occurs due to insufficient insulin production. Glucose is produced when our bodies break down the carbohydrates we ingest, and this glucose then gets released into the blood. Following this, the pancreas produces insulin, the hormone that enables glucose to enter our cells and fuel our bodies. 

For an individual without diabetes, the pancreas senses that glucose has entered the bloodstream and releases a suitable amount of insulin so that the glucose can get into the cells. This system isn’t functional for individuals with diabetes. 

There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Someone with type 1 diabetes can’t make insulin at all, whereas someone with type 2 diabetes either can’t produce functioning insulin or can’t produce enough insulin. Each condition is different; however, they’re equally serious. Whichever type you have results in glucose building up in your blood, which results in adverse symptoms. 

The symptoms of diabetes 

While diabetes affects different people in different ways, some of the most common symptoms include the following:

  • Blurred vision
  • Wounds and cuts taking longer to heal
  • Thrush or genital itching
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Extreme thirst
  • Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night 

While diabetes can’t be cured, there are steps that can be taken to help individuals manage the condition. Unfortunately, there are no set forms of management, as the effectiveness of each management technique will differ for every individual. It’s all about finding out what works for you. 

Sharon norstad’s story

Sharon Norstad (60) is a client of movement coach, Ben Cuthbert, and has been for around eight years. Despite this, it wasn’t until a year ago that she was diagnosed with diabetes, and it’s the knowledge from her sessions with Ben that enables her to manage the condition. 

One of Sharon’s favourite things about working with Ben is his dedication to innovation. Through this hunger to learn, Ben always seeks out new ways of working, all while considering her condition in addition to various other factors. 

Sharon was inspired to embark on her journey with Be You as she was to set out on a month-long trek around India. She wanted to ensure she was fit enough to have the stamina required to enjoy the trip; however, she found the intense environment of a typical gym intimidating. Despite this, upon engaging in a HIIT class with Ben, she found herself drawn to his individual style and unique approach, which encouraged her to take him on as a personal trainer. Ever since, Ben and the team have been helping Sharon maintain good physical health within a stress-free, calm environment. 

Managing diabetes with movement 

So, Sharon feels that regular movement is integral to her ability to manage her diabetes. Some of the advantages of being active when you have diabetes include the following:

  • Exercise aids your joints and flexibility. 
  • Activity helps you sleep and gives you energy. 
  • Movement helps you lose weight if needed and keep the weight off after losing it. 
  • Exercise helps to improve cholesterol, protecting you against problems like heart disease. 
  • Activity helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Movement increases insulin sensitivity, aiding the body in its use of such.
  • Exercise aids your mind as well as your body – it releases endorphins, reducing stress and improving mood. 

There isn’t one form of movement that’s best for people with diabetes. This is dependent on various aspects, including how much time you have, where you are, and what you enjoy. Always think about what you can slot into your life, not the other way around. 

Get moving with be you

If you have diabetes and feel movement could be an effective management technique, don’t hesitate to contact Be You. Our team is experienced in creating movement programmes for all manner of individuals with various conditions. Don’t go in blind; let Be You lead the way.