Shopping for a loved one? Give them our exclusive gym membership!

Christmas has always been a time of giving, but the current cost-of-living crisis is really affecting the size of the piles of gifts that are being placed under our trees this week.

The multiple whammies of rising interest rates, soaring inflation, sky-high energy bills and overall cost of living have achieved one thing – to make us all highly conscious of the money that we have in our pockets and how we spend it.

Frivolities are out. The mass-produced consumerism that is sold in shops or online currently has no place in our lives. No one wants to spend money on gadgets that are going to be lying forgotten behind the sofa by the time December clicks into 2023 – particularly if it means we won’t be able to pay our heating bill next month! Instead, the focus for gifts this year is on practicality and longevity rather than luxury.

It can be no surprise that here at Be You, we encourage health and fitness as a focus for your gift buying this year – fulfilling both criteria of practicality and longevity.

As we all traverse the challenges of the coming months, it is essential that we take care of our physical and emotional well-being. Overcoming challenges in life can be draining, eroding our sense of self-esteem and confidence. Any impact on our emotional well-being has a respective impact on our physical well-being, so we urge you to make it a priority when considering gifts for your loved ones.

The gift of a gym membership.

How much would you usually spend on average on a gift for the important people in your life? £50? £100? £200?

There may be several gyms in Peterborough, some of which are cheaper than Be You. However, £60 could get you one month’s membership at our exclusive health studios here in Peterborough, during which time your loved one can get a personalised programme to work on as many times as they like during the week.

The exclusivity of Be You offers more than your average city gym – our exercises are formulated by a qualified movement coach who understands the biomechanics of human movement. Taking this knowledge, the coach formulates a dynamic programme of exercises that are based on the individual way in which you move, taking into account any injuries and accidents that you may have experienced in the past. Due to this personalised approach, our Be You members tend to see and feel a rapid improvement in a relatively short time.

No upper age limit.                    

Too many people are put off going to a gym as they feel that the thump thump of modern gyms full of young, lycra-clad people is more off-putting than enticing. These value-for-money gyms are brilliant for a certain demographic, but if you’re a little older, have maybe let yourself go physically and would rather get back into exercise in an environment which is more discrete, then Be You Health Studios fulfils that need.

Becoming part of the Be You family.

A unique aspect of our health studios is that everyone is in the same boat – since we first started our business back in 2004, we have engendered a loyal following of members who have, over the years, been like family to us and each other. This is because of the completely non-judgemental way in which we work with individuals – whether they pay for one-on-one movement coach expertise or simply want to pop in once or twice a week for a gentle workout.

Easily accessible in the centre of Peterborough and with plenty of parking, the gift of one or more months of gym membership could be the best present your loved one could receive in their bid to work towards a healthier and fitter 2023. Gyms in Peterborough may be ten a penny, but Be You is a rare find for those who want to pursue a different and more private route to better health. Get in touch to learn more about becoming part of the Be You family.