Monthly Gym Pass

We understand that not everybody may havBe You Health Studios is one of the unique gyms in Peterborough, providing a private, discrete, and confidential environment for those who want to exercise and move in peace and comfort. Our monthly Gym Pass is perfect for you.

A Gym For You

If you’re looking for a more exclusive health and fitness studio near you in Peterborough, a Be You monthly gym pass will include an individualised programme, created by our experienced personal trainers to follow every month. These changes will ensure you stay motivated and inspired in continuing to progress towards your goals.

Our personal trainers will run you through the programme every month at our fully equipped gym in Peterborough.

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be you monthly gym pass peterborough
With the Be you monthly gym pass you will not be left to your own devices
personal training peterborough
As a Be You gym member there will always be some around to give advice and answer questions when needed

Be More You!

Membership of the Be You gym in Peterborough is purposefully kept exclusive and restricted and is only available through application. We want our members to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their health goals.

We encourage our members to book when they are coming. This is particularly important for women who want to exercise and move in a ladies’ gym. By maintaining restricted numbers, we can ensure that at certain times our female members can enjoy a more discrete environment.

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Fully equipped gym

Our purpose-built health and fitness studio in Peterborough has become a real sanctuary for our members – a place to wind down and concentrate on themselves. Our fully equipped gym is a serene space in which you can achieve your goals and maximise your health and fitness in real privacy.

We are continually investing in the latest technology, and love to keep ahead of the trends in equipment and techniques for our clients. Our Fit3D body scan, for example, gives you the deepest insights available into weights, body composition, and measurements, providing you with the best measurements of progress available in the market.

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Fully equipped gym in Peterborough