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Be The Very Best You

Our health studio is the perfect environment for helping people reach their health, fitness, and weight-related goals. We realise that reaching your goal is sometimes like climbing your own personal mountain. We are here to guide you through your journey with knowledge, support, and a friendly and dependable face so you can avoid making the common mistakes that so many people do, keeping you on the page to your personal goals. So, if you’re looking for personal training and female-friendly gyms in Peterborough, we’re the perfect fit.

Be Part Of The Be You Fitness Family

You’re not just a member, you’re a member of our family. Our health studio is the perfect mix of privacy and professionalism, full of friendly and realistic coaches with the experience and knowledge to help all clients. We realise that going into a private gym can be daunting, but when you come to Be You, there is no pressure and no expectations; we are just here to listen, guide and encourage.

Be You is not just for people of a certain fitness level; it’s for people who may have never exercised before, people who may be suffering from a certain health issue and aren’t comfortable with the idea of exercise. It’s for people who hate the idea of a gym but know they need to get healthier.

Personal training is at the heart of what we do at Be You Health Studios in Peterborough
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Personal training Peterborough – out with the old and in with Be You

Out With The Old & In With Be You

Everyone is an individual, and each will have their own battles with health. We break their health down into our five pillars of health: sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, and pain management. We then use a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that each pillar is addressed.

We also believe that educating people about their own health enables them to take control of their results by creating their own healthy habits, increasing longevity and the optimal quality of life that they deserve.

How Can Be You Help You?

Health Checks

Do you ever feel tired or lacking in motivation without knowing why?

Get Healthy

Personal Training

Personal Training in Peterborough is at the heart of what we do.

Get Physical

Nutrition Coaching

Let us help you avoid the common food mistakes that so many people make.

Get Smart

Running Analysis

Whether amateur or professional, we can help you improve your running.

Run Better

Fitness Classes

Get fit in a class environment. See what classes are running.

Our Classes

Sports Massage

Perfect for relieving everyday
aches and pains.

Loosen Up

Injury Rehabilitation

Speed up the overall healing process
of an injury.

Bounce Back

Golf Fitness

Add real power and consistency to your game

Get in the Swing

Be Free with our monthly Gym Passes

Recognised as one of the top fitness centres and personal training facilities in Peterborough, we have been helping our clients safely and effectively get into the shape they want since 2006 via one-to-one fitness methods.

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Recognised as one of the top facilities for personal training in Peterborough