Nutritional Coaching

We realise that reaching your goal is sometimes like climbing a mountain. We are here to guide you through your journey with knowledge, support and a friendly face so you can use our nutritional coaching to avoid making the common mistakes that so many people do.

Welcome to the family

Be You does not look at its members as just another membership, they are a member of the Be You family. Our studio is the perfect mix between privacy and professionalism but full of friendly, and realistic coaches who have the experience and communication to help all clients 

We realise that going into a gym can be daunting, but when you come to BeYou there is no pressure and no expectations, we are just here to listen, guide and encourage. 

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Pillar of strength

Be you is not just for people of a certain fitness level, it’s for people who may have never exercised before or may be suffering with certain health issue that means they are uncomfortable with the idea of exercise.

We break every individuals health down into our 5 pillars for health; sleep, stress, nutrition, movement and pain management. To ensure that each aspect is addressed, we use a multi-disciplinary approach. We believe that educating people on their own health encourages them to take control of their results by creating their own healthy habits.

Everything in moderation

Our staff believe that diet is not about cutting calories, extreme restrictions and missing out food groups. A diet is a personal nutrition plan designed to accommodate each individuals needs.

Choosing the right diet can be difficult when there is so much conflicting advice out there. Our job is to make your life easier so you can be clear on what you’re meant to be including and enjoying in your own diet.

The Be You Health Check and Personal Training products go hand-in-hand with Nutritional Coaching, allowing us to address an individual’s full health and wellness needs.

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