MLD for runners

If you’re a runner, perhaps you are wondering how to optimise your performance or maybe you’re looking for ways to give you a more competitive edge. One of the ways we can improve your running performance is by incorporating manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) for runners within your sports massage.

Accelerated healing

MLD is a rhythmic, light massage technique that helps increase flow of the fluid through the lymphatic system. It can be useful to runners who are recovering from an operation for a sports injury or utilised between intense training periods to combat swelling and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Whilst regular manual lymphatic drainage helps to rid the body of metabolic waste, the main benefit of MLD is reducing pain and accelerating healing and softening scar tissue. MLD, when used after surgery for sports related injuries can help decrease healing time overall.

MLD for runners can reduce pain and accelerate healing
The main benefit of MLD is reducing pain and accelerating healing
MLD can help runners recover from surgery
MLD can help runners recover from surgery

Why does it work?

Runners regularly sustain injuries and develop sore muscles, both of which cause damage to soft tissue resulting in the collection of fluid in the small spaces causing swelling. Recovery time is dependent on the efficient removal of the old stagnant fluid. Whilst the body does this on its own, MLD can help it perform this process faster, reducing recovery time. 

If you’re recovering from surgery, damage caused to the lymphatic tissue is more likely and MLD can help your lymphatic system overcome that. Initially a full body restorative massage is recommended to encourage the general recovery process followed by more specific massage treatments, such as MLD which can can target sections of the body later on.

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Further information…

  • It can help to reduce pain through the removal of waste products and the interruption of pain signals.
  • Promotes the healing of injuries such as fractures, torn ligaments, strains and sprains.
  • Promotes healing of wounds and burns and improves the appearance of old scars.