Fitness Classes

We have a range of fitness classes available at Be You allowing clients the opportunity to get fit in a class environment.

Class act

We currently have fitness classes running for both Yoga and Pilates. Both pilates and yoga are great for improving muscular and postural strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness.

We offer classes for beginners to advanced customers, as well as classes for individual with more particular needs such as back pain, arthritis and other conditions. Our classes limit the amount of people per class, allowing the instructors to give adequate help and instruction to all members of the class.

fitness classes peterborough

Which classes suit you?

yoga classes peterborough

Yoga Classes

There are many different forms of yoga but each of them generally relies on structured poses and breath awareness.

Yoga Classes Available

pilates classes peterborough

Pilates Classes

The workouts consist of a variety of exercise sequences regressed or progressed to suit an individual’s needs and abilities.

Pilates Classes Available