Join Our Bootcamp Classes

Our bootcamp classes are fun, fast moving, and great for motivation. There is alway a great group atmosphere, everyone encourages each other and has a laugh together.
Prices start from £10.


Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
9:00am & 19:00

There is no initial ability requirement. It is perfect for all ages and male and females. Each exercise can be adapted to suit an individuals own ability using a progression & regression system. This system is also useful as it can be used to work around an injury or any aches and pains.

No equipment is used during the bootcamp classes. There are great advantages to this, as no one person moves the same, so how could we ask them to use the same peace of equipment.

This is a boot camp class but not as you know it. Standard boot camps can be very intense and can also be quite intimidating for some one just getting in to fitness, who is unsure of their ability or someone who is very body conscious. There is not a tractor tyre in sight and definitely not someone there yelling and screaming at you to work harder until you can’t breath or stand. Our bootcamp teaches you to master your own body and because of this it is a great way to recover from and also reduce the risk of injuries. Every week the exercises are changed so no two classes are the same. 

The classes are mostly outdoor based, unless the weather does not allow for this, in which case it will be moved indoors. They last for approx. 45 minutes.

What happens when you start?

Prior to starting the classes everyone is required to attend a free initial assessment at the studio. During this we will be able to find out if you have any injuries or specific medical requirements. We will also be able to find out your ability and fitness levels. During this assessment we will ask you to do a few specific easy movements to give us a full understanding of where you are with your strength and fitness.

What to bring?

Bottle of water, outdoor trainers, a towel, any medicines you may need, ie inhaler, angina spray.

What to wear?

Clothes that you are comfortable and able to workout in.

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